Cleaning House Tips

For me, the cleaning must be one of the most tedious tasks related to household keeping. It takes time, sometimes it’s physically demanding and it’s just plain boring. I would air conditioner makes loud noise when starting spend my time doing other tasks instead.

With the help of these four tips you can avoid some common pitfalls related to cleaning and make your cleaning much smoother. It still may be as dull as it was earlier, but at least becomes a bit more enjoyable.

Not having fixed times
I have found that fixed times work the best when cleaning, much better than cleaning without any schedule at all. For me this creates a structure and I can mentally prepare for a mundane task to come. Besides, it’s much easier to plan your weekly schedule when the cleaning times are set.

Not having a decluttering mindset
In order to make the cleaning much smoother experience, you should definitely create a decluttering mindset. This helps the cleaning quite a bit.
What I mean by this is, that for example learn to clean you table as soon as you finish eating or put your clothes where they belong right away after using them. By this way you don’t have to spend some extra time decluttering and organizing your home before you can start cleaning. Otherwise you might find other excuses for not starting the cleaning in the first place.

Postpone it, procrastinate on it
To make it much more difficult than what it is supposed to be, you don’t start cleaning at all. You postpone it and procrastinate on it. No matter if you do this, the task is still on your mind and you keep thinking about it. Why not just get on with it and sooner you are done, you can free your mind for other thoughts.

Work against gravitation
It would be much easier to work starting from top to bottom than other way around. For example, if you are cleaning your stairs, it’s much easier to start from the top and then proceed to bottom. Another example would be cleaning your windows. Starting from up and coming down is much easier way to complete this task than doing it vice versa.

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