Video Gaming Brings New Life To Real Time Strategy Gaming

Online gaming refers to playing video games over the Internet and/or using any other interactive soi keo Cup C1 network like the World Wide Web. Video games, or online games, are played by people who are connected to a personal computer or a group of computers that are connected to the Internet. Most video games are designed for a variety of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun Microsystems, or gaming consoles. Some of these online games may also be played with mobile phones or other hand held devices like Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs).

Online gaming platforms provide a safe and friendly environment for players to enjoy their virtual-real life experience without any fear of actual physical danger. This has resulted in the growth of a wide range of online gaming platforms and social networking communities with specific purposes of combating harassment and other related issues. These online harassment problems are most commonly found on the Internet, but there are also many instances where this harassment has manifested itself in real life. Video games can create a sense of excitement and exhilaration, but they can also result in creating a false sense of security and trust, leading to the perpetration of real life harassment or the taking of innocent lives.

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the occurrence and severity of real life harassment or the cyber bullying that regularly permeates many popular online gaming platforms. A recent study done by a California State University found that gamers are particularly prone to the types of real life harassment that would often be labeled as “street harassment.” This included unwanted sexual propositions, requests for sexual favors, and the encouragement of sexual assault. Other types of harassment were also found in the survey, including requests for monetary compensation or the promise of monetary compensation, requests for nude pictures or other images, and the invasion of privacy by requesting intimate details about others. The number one complaint among survey takers was that they had been the target of online harassment.

The majority of gamers do not report instances of online harassment to authorities, due to fear of retaliation from those who may be involved with the harassment. This results in an atmosphere of impunity for abusers, who may go unchecked for months or even years. Unfortunately, this lack of reporting also leaves the gaming community in a situation of being largely unseen, which breeds more harassment. There have been numerous cases of gamers being harassed and threatened online, often with messages directed at them via their computer screen. Their contact information is often displayed, along with a physical address, phone number, and in some cases, their location. With so much information being provided, many times there is no way for the victim to stop the threats or receive assistance.

Online gaming provides a unique opportunity to both players within the virtual world, as well as real-time strategy game designers. Real-time strategy games are usually player vs. player (cooperative) where players cooperate together in order to achieve a goal. In these games, one player controls the efforts of all the other players in order to defeat the competition and win the game. Strategies within the game include using timing, resource management, as well as careful consideration of one’s own life and actions. Players can develop a sense of teamwork, as well as a respect for their fellow gamers.

The age rating systems used by game consoles have been modified in order to better suit the needs of the younger gamer population. Many younger gamers prefer games that have simpler controls or do not require too much technological expertise. Some older gamers were upset with the idea of having to pay a premium in order to be able to play certain online gaming platforms. However, it seems that the age rating system, designed to keep out the younger crowd, may cause younger players to gravitate toward games that require more advanced technology, such as video game consoles.

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