Playing Gin Rummy – A Winners Tactics

Being one of the most played games in the world, (Ranked third by RummyRoyal), it has a long history and a substantially long list of variations of which the popular ones are Canista, Gin Rummy, Mah Jong. To answer the need of those playing it but finding it difficult to win constantly, I have put down a few practical tips. Read, use and win!

1) Watch out for those high cards! Because your remaining cards will be added up at the end of the round, ditch any high cards. Anything higher than eight or nine is a card that you must send to the trash. It really goes without saying that the really joker123 cards such as the Jack, King and Queen. The Ace is sometimes considered a ten and sometimes a one, so verify this before you start playing.

2) Note next to whom you are sitting. Before you start playing and in fact even before you take your seat, scan the crowd. If you know them, then it is better for you because you know which player is smarter than the others. Now, avoid sitting in the position where you will be playing after him. Do this and you will win only rarely. If he’s wise, he will counter your every move and block you from winning. So, just sit somewhere else.

3) As keeping in touch with the previous tip, but now on a positive note: pick the seat that will put you in a playing position where you will play before the smartest person. Once there, you can block him or her from getting the hands they wish. But be careful and do not waste all your time focusing only on their hands. Remember that the objective is to win and not just to block that player.

4) Always opt for the similar number sequences like the five of clubs, the five of hearts and the five of diamonds instead for the running up sequences like eight, nine and ten. Mathematical odds favors this sequence, but this is not all. If you already have two similar items, the likelihood that some other player is trying to get the exact same sequence is lower than the likelihood that another player is trying to get a sequence that clashes with yours if you are trying to build a running-up sequence.

5) Adding jokers to the pack? If you are, glance at the players when they pick up a card. It is very difficult for unprofessional players to hide their delight when they get a joker. Once you know who has such a card, take note of the sequences they are trying to make and block them if you can. In addition, throw down any sequence that you have that could clash with theirs.

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